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Exotica Bromeliads
A tour through Bromeliad hybrids created by New Zealand Bromeliad author and grower Andrew Steens.

The Bromeliad Society of New Zealand
Established in 1962, the objectives of the society are to encourage the cultivation and study of bromeliads grown indoors or outdoors. Affilliated with the Bromeliad Society International.

The Bromeliad Society of Australia
Constructed and maintained by volunteers to promote the hobby of Bromeliad cultivation in Australia.

Sunshine Coast Bromeliad Society
Located in south eastern Queensland, Australia. Encourages and educates hobbyists in the cultivation and propagation of Bromeliads.

The Bromeliad Society of Queensland Inc.
promotes fellowship and knowledge, encourages learning and educates enthusiasts in the cultivation and propagation of Bromeliads in Queensland, Australia.

Bromeliad Society International
The purposes of this society are to promote and maintain public and scientific interest in the research, development, preservation, and distribution of bromeliads, both natural and hybrid, throughout the world, and to promote fellowship.

Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies
Hosted by the Bromeliad Society of Central Florida and The Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies. Serving the Bromeliad enthusiasts of Florida and the International Internet Community.
FCBS Photo Index

The South East Michigan Bromeliad Society
Extensive Information on Growing Bromeliads in Northern Climates

The New York Bromeliad Society
One of 54 affiliates of the Bromeliad Society International. From the United States, Central and South America, Hawaii, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Europe we are all dedicated to learning about the culture and biology of the beautiful bromeliad family of plants.