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Bromeliads for light shade

- By Andrew Steens.
(2011 revised edition)

The Bromeliaceae family consists of about 46 genera, several thousand species and a bewildering number of hybrids and cultivars. All are well able to adapt to their surroundings, which can range from steamy jungles to deserts. They are assisted in survival techniques by their rosetted cups, which efficiently catch water and nutrients.

Bromeliads differ greatly in appearance. Some amaze with their brilliant inflorescences in glowing colour, while others are esteemed for the luminous light of their distinctive foliage, strong outlines and structural form. Their diversity makes bromeliads endlessly fascinating.

Gardening trends wax and wane, but bromeliads have never gone out of favour. This book is a fully revised edition of Andrew Steens' first and highly successful book for bromeliad growers. With many many new species and totally revamped images, no bromeliad lover can be without it.

About 40 species and cultivars have been replaced with plants that are less difficult to obtain and over 60 species and cultivars have been added to increase the range covered in the book. Around a third of the 300 or so photos have been replaced and about another 180 added.

Contact Andrew directly to order your signed copy. Email Andrew@croplink.co.nz

- By Andrew Steens.

This stunning new work on the Bromeliad family comes from the pen of Andrew Steens, author of the international best selling book “Bromeliads For The Contemporary Garden”. It features photographs of nearly 500 rare, new or just beautiful species and hybrids and the gardens they are grown in. 

Bromeliad expert Andrew Steens takes bromeliads fanciers on a wonderful journey into the wilds of South America, explaining bromeliad habitat and threats to their ecosystems with David Attenborough-like energy. Then he proceeds to a roll call of over 300 exotic, rare and must-have bromeliad species. Complete with growing (greenhouse and outdoors), hybridising and collecting advice, this comprehensive book is a must-have for the bromeliad lover.

This is a book for gardeners that are completely addicted to bromeliads and it unashamedly indulges the enthusiast in sumptuous gardens and even more sumptuous plants. With nearly 500 glorious photos, this is a superlative book for the coffee table or the reference library.

"Steens has excelled in writing this, the most important book to date on the subject."
- Gardening Australia
"What an amazing book, I haven't been able to put it down. I thought your last book would be hard to beat but this is truly amazing."
- Publicity Officer, Bromeliad Society of Australia
"Bursting with stunning shots of a particularly photogenic plant."
- Next Magazine
"The reader is introduced to the rare, the exotic and the most desired, all lavishly illustrated."
- Christchurch Star
"Beware - It has all the pull of a candy store window for a sweet-tooth addict."
- Growing Today
"Just turn the pages in awe"
- Bay Of Plenty Times
"The lavish photos elevate the book from a how-to-grow-guide to garden porn. Saucy."
- NZ Lifestyle Block

Contact Andrew directly to order your signed copy. Email Andrew@croplink.co.nz

- By Andrew Steens.

(out of print)

BookThis sumptuous book has been written for all gardeners who love gardening with Bromeliads. Masses of information on landscaping with Bromeliads, in shady or sunny gardens, as epiphytes on trees or rocks, as greenhouse plants or in pots. Glorious photos of garden scenes complement the text.

There are descriptions of over 450 species and hybrids, most of which are easily obtainable for the average gardener with approximately 300 colour photos to help with identification. The Bromeliad fancier will find much information of value, including extensive notes on cultivating Bromeliads, from seed and pup, and priceless tips on feeding, flowering, watering and light levels for top-quality Bromeliads, from New Zealand's foremost commercial grower.

"Packed full of practical information on over 200 species. A great book for the bromeliad enthusiast."
- Royal NZ Institute of Horticulture
"Andrew's depth of knowledge and enthusiasm make this a valuable book that fills a real gap in the market."
- NZ Gardener
"Written in a friendly style and focuses on commonly available plants that do well in most gardens."
- Australian Horticulture.
"Bright, colourful, exotica and easy - just like this book."
- Auckland City Libraries.
"This beautifully presented book is packed full with inspirational photographs and a depth of information."
- NZ Woman's Weekly

by Chester Skotak

Paperback, 383 pages, 140 x 215mm

An intriguing novel inspired by true events. This bizarre adventure laced with offbeat humour, odd characters, and vivid descriptions chronicles an obsession with collecting a rare plant. After shelling out thousands of dollars in a cutthroat auction for one small but captivating plant, an unbridled frenzy drives The Man from Florida into a blind rush to gather more of those beauties from their hidden rainforest habitat. He hires a happy-go-lucky free spirit from Costa Rica as guide and translator, and races off to the Panamanian wilderness to hunt down the "goddesses from Fortuna." Two polar opposites don't mix well cooped up in a jeep searching the back roads of paradise for a rare botanical treasure. Jugu magic comes along for the ride and crazy things begin to happen. The mischievous guide is the irreverent narrator of this weird story - touching on obsession, vanity, and bruised egos - unfolding mostly in Central America, where the unexpected flourishes and multiplies.

As you delve into this quirky world, offbeat characters will bombard you with surprises. A singing cow tick, a zombie-like woman in a tropical ski chair, a flying toupee, and a tongue-tied fruit lover are merely hints of the maze of "bizarro" you'll encounter. So go ahead, turn the pages and learn a slew of lessons on why you should be choosy about travelling companions when journeying into the unknown. Between the laughs and the gasps, feel free to wonder if all this really happened. Maybe it did or maybe it didn't, but the perplexing enigma remains: Nothing can become truth until it's in writing.

Chester Skotak is a world-renowned bromeliad hybridizer with a sharp sense of humour. He has led numerous plant collecting expeditions throughout Central and South America and has introduced countless unusual bromeliad hybrids into horticulture. Three plant species have been named in his honour. He was born in Texas and has lived in Costa Rica since 1978.

The Bromeliad Society of Australia Inc.

Growing BromeliadsThese amazing plants with their dramatic foliage and highly coloured inflorescences, have soared in popularity over the past few years. They add drama and beauty to any tropical or sub-tropical garden, or to a balcony and indoor room in cooler climates.

You don't have to be an expert to grow bromeliads, many species described in "Growing Bromeliads" are easy to grow. Whether an experienced enthusiast or complete novice, you will find everything you need to know to successfully grow these extraordinary plants.

"Growing Bromeliads" describes how and where to grow over 200 species and hybrids, and details ten of the most popular genera with brief notes on the more unusual genera. Descriptions of the native habitats for each of the ten genera are given, enabling you to provide the right growing conditions for any of the species within these genera. The book gives an interesting overview of the Bromeliad family, including a brief history of Bromeliad cultivation. There are also separate chapters on how to propagate these wonderful plants and on their unique biology. All of this is written in straightforward language with scientific terminology kept to a minimum.

This new updated third edition has been revised by experienced bromeliad growers, and includes ten new species, new chemical treatment for bromeliads, Australian hybrids and updated names.

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